Monday, June 28, 2010


hi! this is going to be a very fast update because i'm sooo busy right now. this weekend i went out of town and, well, i returned 111.6 pounds! and this is with food in my stomach (i had to break my fast because of my grandma...bleck).
so i am a pretty happy camper about that.
and my health seems to have picked back up. im going to the doctor around july 12 for the potential internal bleeding. (i'm going to new way will i pass up new york because i'm sick!!).
i would love to talk more and update you all and comment your posts, but i have so much to do before i leave, like pack, do laundry, practice a million hours of piano, the list goes on.
anyway, i love you all,and i'll return as soon as possible!



Elora Rose said...

oooh, great job keeping the weight down! Thats awesome! And have FUN in NEW YORK!!! :D I cant wait to hear some about the trip! :)

Thinsketch said...

Good job hun! And you're gonna have a blast in New York ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hey sweety, thankyou so much for the comment you left about my photos, you have no idea how much it meant to me!

111.6lbs - you're SUCH a thinspiration.

All my love,
Adeline xx