Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I want to go shopping. I'm starving, literally, but it's nothing that a cup of green tea with honey and lemon can't fix. When I hit 108 pounds again, I'm going to American Apparel and buying ALL these clothes that you see right here at the bottom of this post, because all of them are adorable!

So here is some fashion inspiration (and being thinspiration at the same time I must say!)

Seeing the clothes I'm going to buy takes the irritability from my fast away. I love it.
I'm 112.6 pounds right now. I want to be in the 111's tomorrow morning. Wish me luck, I hope I get there!

love you all.

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Anonymous said...

My fav has to be the last one and the leggings.

Go you. You seem to be amazing at fasting.