Tuesday, June 29, 2010

one more post before my "farewell letter :)

Hello you beautiful followers of mine. I love every single one of you and every time i see you comment my posts it just brightens up my darker days (figuratively of california the sun really is always shining, or at least in my city, so that's one stereotype that's actually true).

i'm running about packing like a fiend, making lists and buying bug spray (stupid mosquitos are going to be where I am), and not eating. I've packed 10 South Beach Living fiber/protein bars (the fiber bars are 110 calories, protein ones 140) in case my blood sugar gets too low from severe restricting in new york. so don't worry ladies, I'm going to be safe when i'm all alone and on my own!

I have about 6 hours of piano to practice today. yippee! I'm actually quite excited about perfecting my pieces... only 2 are memorized so far (i have 5 songs) and only 1 is recital ready! Yikes! I'm going to have to work my little ass off when I get there to make them all perfect!

I had a bit of a binge yesterday, my total calorie count for the day was probably about 1400. I did exercise about 600 calories OFF last night though. Still woke up at 112.0 though :( so I gained a bit. but nothing that a mini 12 hr. fast can't fix! (Piano requires a lot of energy, especially the pieces I'm playing, so I can't go too long without food or else I'll binge because I'll be so frustrated with my low blood sugar. that's what happened yesterday, i was practicing with no food in my stomach and got so hungry i just ate and ate and ate... that will NOT happen today!! I'm well prepared to keep my sugar levels high.)

I will post one more time tomorrow morning, to say I love you all and goodbye, and then it's off to the Eastern US to take college level music courses for 10 days!
If you all are interested in which piano songs I'm learning, there is a page dedicated to it on the right hand side of this blog, under the "links to various blogpages." in purple, right under "". (which you all should do, even if you don't have an account!)
the link says "music I'm learning". and there are performance-level youtube videos of others playing the pieces i'm learning. I hope you all enjoy and appreciate classical music. It is honestly the essence of my existance, and the only reason I eat at all!

Much love to you all,


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A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

whooooo.. good luck with the pieces!!! soo amazing!
yes keep that blood sugar level girl- oranges are good too or bananas, im sure you can find those on every corner in NYC. if you get a chance make sure you buy a purse! lol they sell those on every corner too! i got a "Prada" bag for $20 in NYC about 4 years ago.. I STILL USE IT.. its my go to purse.. i love it!