Saturday, June 19, 2010

busy! today. (113.6!)

Top of the morning to you all! Here i am with my lovely cup of joe and a happy little smile on my face. Today will be a good day. I AM 113.6 POUNDS. Yes ladies, yes gentlemen, if you check my weight calendar (look to the right of this post, somewhere it's over there!!) you will see this is a gand improvement!
Almost 2 pounds this week. She's gaining speed everyone, losing weight faster and faster! Next week will be great because hopefully I'll lost about 5 pounds on the fast (it will prob be more like 3 or 4, knowing my stinky metabolism).

Sorry I'm not replying to emails or comments this morning, as in 30 minutes I have to leave to compose for hours on end (bleck) and then practice piano for MORE hours (myeh). Music is taking over my LIFE! And to think I'm not even an undergrad for 2 more months. Hmph.

Last night went pretty well with the boyfriend. He apologized for being so horny all the time. Hah. So I think he's starting to get it!
And also, I'm going to have no parents for 20 days after tomorrow night... Party! Yes? YES.

I'm no longer abusing substances though. So honestly.... None of THAT stuff will be happening.

I'll reply to comments and emails later... I'm very busy but I still had to post an update for you lovely ladies.



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