Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hooray! I am 110.6 pounds before the month ends! Lucky lucky me. This puts my BMI at about 20.2.

I can almost tast 19! My goal when I'm up in New York is this:

+ track intake every single day!
+ do eat 3 meals, only let them be 200 to 250 calories each ( bleck!)
+ exercise at least 30 minutes every day. there is hiking, AND a gym there so I'll have plenty of opportunities
+ bring a victoria's secret mag with me for thinspo

Of course, there will be no way to measure my progress over there, except for clothes fitting and the mirror (and we all know that EVERY mirror is like a warped never ever see it how it really is, it's like a fun house at the circus most times).
So I'm just going to really really really have to hope that this plan will work out for me. I'm way nervous guys!

Yesterday my intake was:
B: 1 glass juice (130) =130
L: 1 apple (110), tuna (125) = 235
D: 3 egg whites (45), lettuce (15), salsa (50), apple (110) = 220
S: carrots (80) = 80

so that is a grand total of 665 calories i do believe. not bad at all!
no wonder i lost a whole pound ;)

Today my intake has been just breakfast, at oatmeal and an apple (total: 260).
I'm hoping my lunch will just be another apple. I'm going out to dinner with my grandma tonight (gulp...) and I'm ordering a salad most likely. Then onto the plane! Ack! So excited! I'll not eat until I get to NY, which will be for dinner. pray that I lose a lot these next 11 days guys, I'm seeing the boyfriend on July 12 and wanna be smokin hot when I come back!! :)

I love you all, and I'll see you around the 11th or 12th!
Farewell, goodbye, achtung (isn't that goodbye?), Arrivederci, Aloha, Sionara, and here is some happiness for you <3


Elora Rose said...

cute video!! :D

A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

love the video! have fun, stay safe!

and id just like to point out that i was 110.5 pounds last week for about 12 hours : ( then i got my period.. i think i retained about 3 pounds of water in 2 hours.. dang it..

pagesofsweetpeas. said...

goodluck at your recital & have tones of fun in new york!
staystrong, page.