Thursday, June 24, 2010

frustrated rant on wanting eating disorders.

why do girls want eating disorders? why the hell do girls come to us like we're from a fairytale land, and tell us that they want to be thin, and how do you purge, and how did you get that skinny body because oh-i'm-just-so-fat-and-i-want-to-like-myself.

NEWSFLASH: eating disorders will never help you like yourself. you come on these blogs and look at our posts, and look at it as if we're a fiction novel, and you think that maybe (just like in those epic fantasy tales) you'll find something positive and adventurous in our problems. you want to take the journey, because you crave excitement.

you're immature.
you're offensive.
you're a wannarexic that thinks skinny will make you cooler, hipper, happier.

you're wrong and ignorant and you don't know what you're talking about.

you'll see. one day you'll be so weak you won't be able to walk down the stairs. one day, you'll sit down in the bathtub and cry because the bones on your butt are sticking out and bruised on the hard floor. one day you'll be so cold that ten blankets won't warm you up on a 78 degree day.

one day you'll realize what eating disorders are truly like. one day you'll actually notice us suffer, wail, sniffling in our own fantasy lands just wanting to get out and live and be normal and safe and happy and fall in love.
in the eating disorder fantasy land, there are no prince charmings.
in the eating disorder fantasy land, there are no little princesses. they've all locked themselves up in their bedrooms too weak to get out of bed. no, that's not a romantic adventure.that's reality, and it hurts.
and i'm tired of seeing all this fake eating disorder shit online.
get over yourselves girls. and if ANYONE asks me for weight loss advice one more time, I'm going to freak out even harder.
this is an ugly, ugly world, and I'm offended that any normal human being would want to be here suffering right next to me.


A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

who did????? man.... i already know what to do; i just dont want to go back down that path so easily. its too easy.. i think that people think its an easy fix, which, yea starving yourself and purging is an "easy" fix, but mentally, emotionally, and eventually physically, its the most horrible way to live life. i think girls think that an ED is just the thing to do, and dont see the horror, shame, and guilt that hidden behind it. its no fun, you know, i know, we all know, we fight, we kick, we scream and cry but the image in the mirror never matches up with what is really there..

Anonymous said...

They make me sick. They are lucky they look in the mirror and see one thing. The truth. We look in the mirror and morph. Were confused between which images is reality and which one is a figment of our imagination. Do they know what its like to have to think twice before believing in what you see.
Its a hard life. I wish I was normal! I hate it. But I don't know how to live without it. Yeh I am not skinny. But doesnt mean I am not mentally disturbed!

sorry. Just went on with your rant and added my points!