Thursday, June 17, 2010

Replies to comments/Update!

1. Hollow - God that's scary! my boyfriend actually found out that i know what i weigh due to a slip-up on my part but he thinks i weighed at the gym. and yeah, i'm absolutely addicted to my scale now that i have one again... i NEED to weigh like every day, it's horrible! (but feels so good too...)

2. Charlie- the fast went BEAUTIFULLY, thank you! :) I had a salad with black beluga lentils for dinner (those things are insane. 1/4 cup is about 200 calories which is scary, but their fiber and protein content is through the roof. 1/4 cup will fill me up for HOURS.) xx i was so close to a binge though tonight! (i'll elaborate later in the post)

3. Amy - Thanks for the loving words :) don't you hate what your brain tells you sometimes? and yes, i'm always "skinniest" in the morning... love it!!

So yes, about that near-binge. Probably the craziest thing i've EVER done in my life. It was about 6 and i was at work about a half hour early and they have vending machines.
I think everyone knows where this is going. VENDING. MACHINES.

and i had a dollar in my pocket, and yes i was very slightly rather bored. honestly, who wants to sit at work doing nothing for a half hour?
so i sidled over to the vending machine... what can i get for a dollar.. hmmm.
my brain's WHIRLING. there's pop-tarts. but then vanilla covered pretzels. i think i'll get pop tarts.

but WAIT! candy bars for 85 cents? oooh this is too good to be true.

and...oh my... 50 cents for a candy mint? oh wow, i'm drooling.

I scramble in my pockets. what do i have? i have a dollar and 40 cents. Do the math.

85+50=1.35. i had enough.

and i start putting the change in the vending machine.

and then it hits me.

i can buy a diet coke for this much...and i'm buying LARD. i'm buying LARD on my THIGHS.

i ran. oh god i ran like the WIND. and went to mcdonalds and bought a large diet for 1.08.
my body was shaking, i was actually pretty freaked out about the whole incident.

wow. close one. i avoided a binge. pheeeeeww.
i know i said i wouldn't weigh myself but i did this morning, at 114.8. post binge that is REALLY good.
and tonight i'm 115.6. which means tomorrow i'll hopefully be at 114.2 (you know, lose weight overnight and all).
so that was my night... woohoo.
love you all so much, off to comment your posts!



A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

i hate vending machines! they do suck.. here at my office though our vending machines have all the healthier snacks priced cheaper than the candy.. so a snickers bar is $1.50 and a bag of sourdough pretzels is .75 cents.. good thinking on their part! plus we have water coolers, free tea, so i can easily fill up on water and tea if i need something to curb the hunger pangs.

BlAnCh said...

hey sash. im kinda glad to b back too lol... im a fucking yoyo >.<
love your photo and layout.- hot :D
seriously too cute... its always the pretty ones huh :(