Friday, June 18, 2010


today will be a good day food wise!! I'm not eating ANYTHING today and I have a few litres of water right beside me. cold, thanks.
screw moderation, screw trying to be normal, and screw food! honestly none of it is worth anything to me anymore.
it's friday. I'm 115.0 pounds. I need to be down a couple by sunday. this means NO FOOD. none! and i'm hoping to lose 7 by next friday (after sunday i'm fasting with hungry for excited).
i think....i think anorexia might be coming back! and i think bulimia is going away! can only hope. oh i hope.

today i have to practice piano for 7 hours, i should have started already but i'm a lazy girl and i'm more content to just lay in bed for a bit longer.

i have no lost hope in losing weight. i am going to do this. i refuse to eat. :={D and yes that is a moustache on my smiley face because i'm in that sort of mood!

much love


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