Tuesday, June 15, 2010

today will be all right.

I am sticking to my last post. I've been avoiding mirrors (a way to stay feeling pretty) and trying as hard as possible to not notice my fat pockets. I know that sounds just completely downer-like but honestly what keeps me from feeling pretty are my fat cells (which are expanding). but i'm feeling good. I haven't sunk into the pit of self-loathing for eating so much yesterday. It's at a mild dislike.
that is progresss.
In addition, i have a counseling appointment today at 10 and I'm practicing piano after that until at least 1. A guy, an old family friend but still a guy, (my age, 18 or 19 or so, and very attractive BUT I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!) is moving in with us this summer to play baseball at the local college. I love baseball.
I also love my boyfriend! Haha!
Anyway, he's moving his stuff in today at 1. and leaving at 4:30. My boyfriend wants to come over when this other guy is here.... Not sure if this is a good idea as he has vehemently expressed his strong dislike already...
Anyway, i have a piano lesson at 6:30. Then i'm getting out at 7:30 and going to the gym for several hours. If you're interested in what I'm learning for piano, there are videos of the songs in one of my pages on the right of this blog.
Playing piano reminds me of what potential i have. it reminds me that i can't throw my life away. that's why it's good for me.

i'm not weighing myself today. not until sunday the day before the fast. i think this is a good idea.

I'll post my intake and outtake tonight!
much love from the west coast.

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A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

ohhh i didnt see this post! why didnt i? dang it!

the piano lessons sounds amazing, seriously, im very jealous! i played the piano for a few years, but i was terrible.. very terrible!

the guy thing sounds intriguing.. is he cute?! lol im sorry.. just asking, he's jail bait for me, im like his mothers age probably!
(oops im also an idiot, just did the math on that.. ok i'm his nanny!)