Monday, June 21, 2010

Liquid fast, Day 1:

Going pretty strong! I had a glass of 100% Natural cranberry juice for breakfast and am almost a whole litre of water down. Only 1 hunger pang so far, which is good considering I ate like a pig on Saturday.

My loving relationships project deal is going pretty well too. I had "breakfast" with my best friend and was really sweet to my nutritionist today. And I'm making extra time for my boyfriend today, even though I'll be busy way late in the night tonight because of it.

I'm going to weigh myself today (after using the restroom a couple times) and I'll update my weight. THEN, no weighing until Friday, or 5 days into the fast! I can't wat to see how much weight I'll have lost by then.

Off to practice piano. I promise to comment on your posts tonight sometime.



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