Friday, June 18, 2010

today, didn't fast!

But I've kept the intake under 800. will be posting intake on the page for intake/outtake.

Went to the grocery store. Bough:
Select harvest veggie soup (50 cals per cup)
pickles! (8 cals per pickle)
Progresso light santa fe chicken soup (80 cals per cup)
Light english muffins (100 per muffin)
Bananas (100 per banana)
hot dog buns (for the man who did the woman that bore me)
mozzarella cheese (for the woman who replaced the woman that bore me)
fasting juice! 100% veggie/fruit blend (cranberry being the first ingredient, which is good cause it's a natural diuretic) and no sugar added. I'll be having a cup of that every morning and a glass of nonfat soymilk for lunch every day.

and....i think that was all i bought? everything (almost) was low fat or fat free. there was an obese woman behind me, and it felt really weird. i almost was embarrassed that i didn't have junk food.

Tonight i'm going to the movies with the boyfriend. Should be fun! Everything i ate today was fat free, low carb, and high in protein. Hopefully I'll still have lost weight! Very very nervous about it.
Anyway, the boyfriend hasn't been giving me any trouble :) yay! But the food in my kitchen has. Grrrr sometimes i just want to eat everything! But then i look in the mirror and i'm like wow 0.0 got some work to do on that flabby tummy over there, hehe!

Really excited for monday, when i start the fast, i can't wait!



Miah said...

Good luck babe!!

I'm starting my fast on Monday!!!!
We can do it together :)
I now how you feel I always wanna go into the kitchen and stuff my face but then I look in the mirro and say to myself you fat bi*ch !!

how everything goes well :)

remember thinkthin
love miah xxx

A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

i always compare what i bought to other peoples stuff and when i see a big person in line with two carts full of sh*t.. im like hmmmm.. wonder WHY?! soda, frozen dinners, snacks, no produce.. its gross..