Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yes ladies, I'm almost in the 112 pound range. yay me! No food has touched my lips since Sunday night. The funny thing is, I don't feel like I'm starving. I'm not hungry at all. There's a comfortable numbness around my abdomen, where I feel like i got shot with anesthetics. It's really very nice.
I'm hoping my body goes into ketosis today! Even though I had that smoothie, I think it could still do it.
That really cute baseball player is sitting in my living room right now... Aaaaahh what a cutie!
;) Naughty me... I can't say stuff like that, or think it!

I made myself an english muffin so my sister thinks I ate, it's just sitting here. And I have absolutely no desire to touch it. I am loving the smell, however. Anyone else do this out there? Just sit and smell food but not eat it?
No? Okay....

Last night the boyfriend was way, way tired. I got to his house around 9:40 and at about 10:50 he just got into bed. I laid next to him and tickled his back for about 20 minutes, until he fell asleep, and then I kissed him goodbye and left. There was something so sweet about it. I can't really describe what last night was like for me. The complete innocence with out relating to each other and the fact that he asked me to tickle his back was just so... Alien to me. And I did it, because I love him. I really really love him.

And I was thinking this as his breathing deepened and he got really quiet. Never have I loved anyone like I love you, C.
And then another thought; This is too deep for words.

I left home refreshed and happy. He's so good to me. (I mean sure he's a little aggressive sexually but hes been a VERY good boy the past week or so). I don't want him to leave, but if he does I'm pretty certain we'll have no problems staying together.

All my love girls! xx


p.s. A- to answer your question, I might have some free time. Not sure yet though, they have yet to email me their itinerary!


Meg said...

I do the thing with just sitting and smelling food :P
I'm glad you found someone you love :)

~ Meg

~N~ said...

<3 your blog!