Thursday, January 14, 2010

real update time/inspiration:

hey all! Today's my sister's 18th birthday. Good for her, bad for me. BECAUSE we're having funfetti cake tonight. if there is anything that makes me want to die of fear, it's facing a slice of cake that i have to eat like i'm enjoying myself in front of my mom and dad. anyone else ever feel threatened when they're facing fatty food?

however, I resisted the temptation today to buy candy... it was everywhere at school today, kids that are part of clubs are currently fundraising. so i've had this to eat:

a handful of carrots,
an apple,
small bowl of cheerios.
i would have skipped the cheerios but mom was in the kitchen ALL MORNING so i had to eat something more than just an apple. i'm eating the carrots right now with a 44 oz diet dr. pepper. love the stuff, really boosts your mood.

recently, these are new habits i find have helped me lose weight:

1. i chew sugarfree gum constantly. it takes 30 minutes for the chewing to burn off the 5 calories you are consuming, so you're not actually inhaling calories and it makes you chew it for 30 minutes so you can burn it off appropriately. thus, you don't eat! it also helps me concentrate.
2. i snap a rubber band on my wrist whenever i'm around food and smell it. it makes me after a while shy away from food because it hurts after a while.
3. i drink caffeine constantly. it keeps me from getting lightheaded and woozy and my mood improves.
4. i drink about 10 16-oz glasses of water every day to keep the caffeine from dehydrating me. keeps my skin nice too!

tonight my mother is making some sausage chicken noodle pasta shit. UGH. hopefully it doesn't ruin me. today's not a good eating day.
she knows i HATE red meat, but she just doesn't care.
Sasha Roe

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InsaneJayne said...

No, Dont even say the C word....!
Girl guess what.. you'll burn more than 5 calories in 30 minutes.. Your body will burn 40 cals in 30 mins just by sitting on your arse!
Good luck with that pasta.. x