Monday, January 11, 2010

My body is thinning out!

I'm excited. There are nuances in my body I haven't felt in so long. My hip bones are officially sticking out on their own, and my shoulders are losing all the fat so it's just bone right there too. My ribs have always stuck out, but they're becoming more prominent. There is a HUGE space in between my legs and that's where you see the weight loss the most.

It's really hard to cover up - my parents haven't weighed me since Christmas (3 weeks!) but I'm scared I'm not layering enough. No matter what I do there is a huge gap between my legs that just continues to widen and I hope they don't notice it!

Mom's home; I better get off.

So long, lovelies.

Sasha Roe.


BlAnCh said...

your blog is excellent i have no idea why there arent more followers... weird... ill tell people about this :P its really good

so inspiring too, fuck it when i start thinning out i dont think my legs will ever separate but ill get there yet..
keep writing, ill be reading!

Insane Jayne said...

I dont know why I havnt followed your blog sooner..??
love it.
sounds like you're doing great at the moment, hang in there ;)
keep it up x

Gaunt Future said...

thank you both!