Tuesday, January 19, 2010

they are about to weigh me

and i am so scared. well, i'm not getting weighed by them right NOW, but mom just looked at me today and said "do you know how much you weigh?"

i said no, just shrugged and said i didn't really care anymore. then she says "we need to get you back onto the scale."

okay, i haven't been weighed by her in a month. i'm so freaked out. if she makes me get on the scale in front of her all this progress and work will be lost and who knows where they will send me... i'm not allowed to go under 113 ( a disgusting weight, must i add) and i'm at least 5 pounds under. i'm weighing myself tomorrow when i'm home alone and oh god i hope she doesn't think about weighing me again. let it not cross her mind.

i'm here for you girls!

Sasha Roe

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