Monday, January 4, 2010

skinny tips.

1. drink 4 cups of coffee in the morning, with only 1 packet of fake sweetener. gets your metabolism like CRAZY.
2. sleep in, forget to eat.
3. brush your teeth every time you crave something
4. every time you get hungry, think of how good it feels. even if it doesn't feel good.
5. spit your dinner into a napkin when you're "coughing" so nobody suspects anything
6. make sure 100 of your calories is 70% dark chocolate every day to keep your cravings in check and your heart healthy
7. be sure to eat the chocolate in front of other people so they can relax about your eating habits.
8. run errands around dinner time.
9. eat naked. it works - you're too disgusted to put one bite into your mouth.
10. promise to treat yourself to a pedicure ONLY if you go the whole day without eating anything.
11. when you eat, suck on the food, don't swallow it. it lasts longer and people think you eat more because it takes more time.