Tuesday, January 12, 2010

weight loss link for all of you!!

so today i've had about 40 oz. of diet green tea by Arizona. Right now at Vons (for all you Vons grocery store goers) they are being sold for 1 dollar each to all Vons club members! I am thus only spending 1 dollar a day on my lunches, which is great. the green tea boosts your metabolism and there's ginseng added - double whammy fat burning right there!

this morning I had a bowl of cheerios (very, very little milk. enough to wet them barely) and a banana for breakfast. I broke and had a tootsie pop during lunch =( I had to admit it, i need to stay accountable.

mom baked chocolate chip cookies and I do NOT want those going to my thighs. i'd rather be thinner tomorrow when I weigh in than have one and not lose anything.

here's a great link for getting inspired to lose weight on

it has 13 ways, and most of them are amazing!

when I weigh in tomorrow I hope i'm under 108(.6) pounds!!

I'll let you know, loves<3

Sasha Roe

P.S. I suggest going on and signing up for newsletters - they get your mind off bingeing and keep you on track!! i do it also for and
it's really fun getting them in your e-mail. Like mini inspirations.

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