Saturday, January 2, 2010

Uggggh, this totally sucks.

I woke up today feeling like somebody stuck a swab of cotton down my throat AND up my sinuses. I can barely swallow, and I really regret not taking some NyQuil last night to help get to sleep. But come on, NyQuil is like...93 calories for TWO TABLESPOONS. I can't drink THAT! I'll blow up like a fucking balloon at the Macy's parade!

So I woke up at 9, feeling like (pardon my french) complete shit. But I had to get up because I had a piano lesson at 10, which was cancelled, so I got up for nothing. Here is my to-do list:

1. Do all my laundry (school is opening again on Monday... gag)
2. Learn at least 7 songs from Godspell so I know what I"m doing at rehearsals next week musically.
3. Dust Living Room/Dining Room
4. Vacuum everything
5. Deep clean my bathroom because it's disgusting
6. Put all the Christmas decorations away
7. Write a letter to my sister, who's going back to college tomorrow
8. Christmas Thank-You notes - get written and posted
9. Reply to my pen-pal's last letter (she's from Korea, random eh?)

So! There you have it. My wonderfully busy Saturday. I won't have time to even worry about food.

AND: I weighed in yesterday at 110.7 lbs! (that's 50.2 kg)
I've lost ten pounds in a week! Congratulations to Sasha. Obviously all the binging is doing no harm.

Love you all,

Sasha Roe

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