Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick update:

I have been way too busy to update, but let's just say that recovery is a BITCH.

I've three times already decided to quit eating again, but mom and dad are too smart. It's funny... I feel like i need to eat so much more than I should now that i'm eating 1500 calories a day. It's like I can either binge or starve but can't do anything in between. (I've actually controlled all my food intake rather well, not going over 1600, but it's pretty tough).

Today one of my friends really offended me. There's this girl in my English class that I'm fairly certain is bulimic because she packs tons of food in during class then goes to the bathroom afterward. I'm tolerant of eating disorders (OBVIOUSLY) and I mentioned to a friend that I think she might be bulimic. He just tells me that because I fucked my metabolism up by starving myself I'm jealous that I can't eat that much food without getting fat. I was so pissed that I left and started crying in my stats class.

So today was a bitch. But honestly, I am actually liking the idea of getting my life back, being free of the scale...

I hope you all are doing well on your weight loss<3 I wish i could join you guys.

Sasha Roe.


BlAnCh said...

how awful :(
thats such a really mean thing to say
a friend of mine said something similar to me once about my metabolism... i was so frustrated by her >:(

neverfit said...

WHat an absolute ASS!!! PLease ignore the haters, hun. You're getting healthy, and it's the health and progress that matters, not one any sour-faced loser has to say to you. Low self-esteem causes trash talk; you're better than that. *hugs*

My BFF is in recovery too, so I've seen firsthand how hard it is for her. I'm really poroud of you!

Kev said...

I think your fucking stupid for being anorexic food is how we live you cant starve yourself because "your too fat" when actually you know for a fact that your not, your probably the skinniest person in your state, jeez man, what is wrong with you anorexic people, why would you even want to be as skinny as some of the people you have posted anyway.. they are pig ugly beacuse you can see their bones, who on earth wants to see bones when they are looking at a lovely human body, not me for one, they are actually a turn off coz they just say to me, " i dont eat enough im unhealthy and ill", sort it out please you need to get better anorexia isnt good its terribly bad and puts you in a life or death situation i know somebody who died from it, dont let it kill you!