Thursday, April 1, 2010

hello lovelies, i missed your posts!

i just got back from San Luis Obispo, Baby! What a gorgeous place that is, let me tell you.

i worked out like mad down there, burned about 400 calories a day on exercise, and then ruined it by eating.
but whatever.
i met my nutrionist on Monday and I promised her i'd not weigh myself.

...HAHA yeah right.

but she's skinnier than me, it's so not fair. she's like 5'6 and probably 105 pounds. i'm 5'2 and 5 pounds more than that.


oh well, i'm officially deciding i'm going to give this recovery thing a go. i've not binged since that purge i last posted on, so i'm feeling really good. i'm hungry though.

i hate hunger. hunger needs to...die.
my recovering brain tells me hunger is EVIL, but then I don't want to get fat. it's very stressful and conflicting.

my spring break has been fabulous though.

more later,
Sasha Roe

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