Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new plan!

+stop drinking ex large diet cokes every day. the teeth are turning a gross color.
+only 2 cups of coffee in the morning - no more!
+no more than 800 calories per day
+burn at least 400 calories a day working out at the gym
+drink 5 16 oz bottles of water every day
+update at least 2 times per week
+do homework EVERY DAY.
+stop bingeing and purging - your stomach WILL SHOW IT.
+practice piano 1 hour a day (eating and not eating always makes me "busy")
+do this for 7 days without cracking under the pressure.

the last one will be slightly difficult, but i can do it.


disappear dorian said...

also sodas in general help cause cellulite which suchs because i love soda drinks.
this sounds like a lovely plan. we will always be here for support.
you can do it
stay lovely
♥ dorian

Sun-Lit~ said...

Good luck!
Im sending you good luck vibes through the screen, are you getting them?
Love Sun-Lit~ xx

Gaunt Future said...

thank you both sooo much <333 i feel the vibes!