Sunday, April 4, 2010


bulimia has me absolutely encased. sad but true. anorexia decided to ditch me, so bulimia takes me and makes me totally addicted and enraptured, like this:

i'm finally starting to feel sexy again.
chocolate tastes just as good coming up as it tastes going down. that's ALL i have to say about THAT.
happy easter, or solid milk chocolate day!
Sashaa Roe


emii said...

oh sweetie, you really dont want to start with bulimia. read my blog, i was you a month ago :( its hell. its an addiction. and it seriously fucks you up. i hope you take my advice and stop. but its hard once you start, i know. i wish you the best of luck...


Gaunt Future said...

i think i know what you mean :( I already feel a compulsion to throw up everything i eat, especially salad for some reason. it's scary. i hope I stop soon.
thank you for caring.