Tuesday, April 27, 2010


i have been gone way too long :( i am sooo sorry. our computer stopped working and i have no other way of doing the blogging thing.

i haven't fucked mia... i have had a couple days of starving but i am still purging daily. oh well. the one thing i'm worried about is that it's starting to affect my voice (singing) and i am a really good soprano (not meaning to show off, it's simply fact) so i am really worried.

school is a big shithole i hate it. my mom is forcing me to make up ALL my missing work, and it's really irritating my senioritis - i caught it BAD.

i got a new babysitting job for Saturday! if i haven't told you, i'm going to Ithaca, NY this summer for music camp for ten days and i'm trying to raise money for a plane ticket home (yay!). and so i'll have 100 dollars raised after the weekend is over!

prom was pretty amazing. but...he and i got kicked off the dance floor for being inappropriate. WHAT? he gave me a KISS and we got kicked off! it was pretty stupid. but whatever.

the picture uploaded of my dress will be deleted in about 2 weeks. i don't want anyone finding this blog - it's way to scary to even think about! ugh. it's a pretty bad angled picture, and it makes me look HUGE. i am thinner than that...i swear :(

oh well.

i have missed you guys so much. you have no idea. i'm off to go comment your posts. much love!


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emii said...

omg you're sooo pretty :) i love your dress! aw you do not look huge....

i've been pretty much on the same track, starving a few days, purging almost everyday :( we need to sto p this girl! i promise you, we can. we can be strong and beat mia :)

we will be thin soon :)

<3 emi