Sunday, April 11, 2010

here is a challenge:

NO BINGEING FOR SEVEN DAYS STRAIGHT. that means no ice cream, no yogurt, no graham crackers dunked in chocolate sauce (oh god i'm drooling). my throat hurts like a bitch. i need a break.

anybody want to do this with me, just try? tonight is my LAST NIGHT. i need to go have yogurt to soothe my throat from all the purging.

i'm praying to God tonight to help me through the next week - i haven't gone that long without bingeing in a couple months.

good night. i really love all of you. thank you new followers for following me. you light up my life.



disappear dorian said...

good luck!
you can do it. just think of the end result.

i would love to just try.
stay strong,

emii said...

i wish you luck! just try to stay strong girl, i think you can do it :) i'll try with you to go 7 days no b/p. my throat is killing me too :p

anyways, good luck!

Gaunt Future said...

thank you for your support, dorian!

and emii: we can totally do this! seriously! :)

warlocksmistress said...

I'll go for it with you as well! It might help to have a buddy to be accountable to. Let's do this thing!