Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i failed last night.

the challenge thing i mean. everything was going GREAT - but then mom and dad left me home alone :( I ate cereal, whipped cream, and yogurt. since it was all dairy i didnt hurt myself but i still failed and now it makes me feel horrible.
today is a new day though! i ate breakfast and had the urge to purge (haha that rhymes) but i refrained!! :)
i got my prom dress yesterday. mom took me out of 6th period early so I could go to the mall. i found a dress, a belt, shoes, a bag, and a bra for all 90 dollars! effing cheap! the dress was 22 but it's so adorable. and it's a small ;) which makes me feel good.
i'm going to my nutritionist today - ewww. i hate how she can know what i weigh but i can't. i think i'm gaining because i'm getting a freaking ton of muscle. i mean, i look sexy, but i'm NOT skinny anymore. oh well! i'm not going to care. today will be a normal day, and i will not restrict or b/p.

i love you girls!
i'll put up pictures of my prom dress soon.

Sasha roe

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