Saturday, April 10, 2010

and in addition:

my therapist suggested i look at getting a prescription for antidepressants. has anyone used them before? i have really bad anxiety/OCD and she said it would help. but doesn't it make you gain weight?

please fill me in, lovelies<3


warlocksmistress said...

Antidepressants made me feel a lot more relaxed and nuch better about myself, and then I did gain weight. A bit of a catch 22, unfortunately.

remé said...

I have an anxiety/OCD disorder, so they put me on fluoxetine. I can't stop eating, it's ridiculous. My mom wants me to stop using it, but I'm terrified I'll go nuts if I stop now. Rather try a mood stabilizer, there are these things they give epileptics that are also being prescribed for people with depression.

Gaunt Future said...

warlocksmistress: oh wow that is a catch 22. how long did it take you to gain the weight? not right away right?

and reme: thanks for the mood stabilizing tip ! I don't want to get fat :(