Wednesday, April 7, 2010

interesting week.

my boyfriend and i went to the gym together. i ran 8 miles , or 12.8 km for non-US residents (**bows** thank you, thank you) and he told me i worked out way too much and i needed to relax. he ran 3 miles (i WAS there for an hour longer than him, he's pretty fit himself but i was just there longer). it was sweet that he cared for me, but honestly burning 800 calories in an hour and 20 minutes is fucking fantastic.
tonight i'm going again, biking for 30 minutes then running for an hour. i ate 1600 calories today but i don't mind because i've been burning calories like a FIEND.

i'm 113.8 pounds naked in the morning. ew! i'm going to go down to 111. if i get any lower my nutritionist and i will have a smackdown and we don't want that, do we? ;)
(i'm not supposed to weigh myself but it's a secret... ssshhhhhh)

also, i'm going on a sugar detox. only one piece of fruit a day and cutting out ALL refined sugar products for at least 14 days. it fucks with my mood and then my family and i get in fights all the time.

i'm starving but i just ate a LOT. my metabolism is so fast right now :) yay fat burning!

off to the gym.

much love from the recovering side

Sasha Roe

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