Monday, March 29, 2010

i purged tonight, first time ever.

my knees hugged the toilet bowl and i flexed and flexed and flexed.
i'm NEVER eating broccoli again, that was fucking SICK.

it was an interesting experience. it took me like an hour to throw up only a little ice cream and the broccoli from dinner.

hopefully it doesn't become habit...


BlAnCh said...

really hope you never feel like doing that again. i havn't ever yet. i never want to... although sometimes i think i do...
but binging is part of purging. Hope ana drags you back of mie. shes a nasty one

emii said...

purging becomes an addiction...dont start :(
its something im trying to overcome now. it really fucks you up just try to stay away from it.

stay strong and think thin