Sunday, March 7, 2010

a slightly inappropriate post about sexuality.

I think i have a fear of intimacy. My boyfriend stuck his hand down my pants (not to finger me or anything, just to grab my butt. it wasn't even bare skin, i had undies on) and I'm just in a horrible state now. I don't know why. He's told me how much he never wants to ruin my trust and all this stuff and it's not like he was raping me or something. I don't know. does anyone else feel like this??

I'm thinking about doing the ABC diet. Has anyone done it before? I haven't had anything to eat today but I'm drinking water like nothing else. I'm not hungry yet thank goodness. :)))))

Today I'll be eating no more than 500 calories and tomorrow no more than 500 calories. This should be interesting. I also have a counseling appointment tomorrow at 2 (which should be interesting, since I'm deciding to relapse).

Sasha Roe

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Bella said...

welcome back, chere.
i feel like that all the time.
it's why i can't hold down a boyfriend past the first serious kiss (make-out session).
i just can't stand the way they must feel when they touch me.