Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my new two staples:

WHY are these my new staples, you ask?

both are infused with citrimax, for one.

citrimax is a supplement that keeps your appetite curbed and boosts energy and stamina. and let me tell you that it WORKS. i haven't been hungry all day and I had 20 fl. oz. of the lifewater.

Fuze, of course (sadly) has about 13 calories per bottle (18.5 oz), so you need to be careful with it. But that has even more metabolism-boosting power than the lifewater - it's also spiked with L-Carnitine, which blasts cellulite off those flabby thighs. drink one in the morning for a 13 calorie breakfast and stay full for hours.


Phantasmagorical Delusion said...

I love BOTH of these!!! They do everything you say. Godsends, they are.

Keep up the amazing work! <3


neverfit said...

Thanks SO much for posting this! I am really going to have to check these out, they sound FAB!