Monday, May 31, 2010

the bitch is back!

i am SO SORRY for not posting for so long! i had my blog on private for a while because my parents found it. but i think they're over it and i don't think they'll be checking it out any time soon.
i've been bingeing for the past 3 weeks. my weight's been fluctuating from 110 to 114 from bingeing, then purging and starving.
i'm so over it.
i'm ready to restart my life, get renewed, find spiritual and physical happiness.

Emi and I are going to be doing the Challenge diet, created by both of us. starting tomorrow we'll be following a strict food plan! if you'd like to see the plan go to and hit the follow button. we'll be tracking our workouts and food intake daily on there. if you'd like to join let me know!

i'm getting my life back. i'm done being 114 pounds.

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