Thursday, May 20, 2010

down a few pounds :)

thank goodness.
i hadn't binged or purged since Sunday. but then tonight i made a mistake and just ate too much. and purged. i'm trying not to binge again, i'm hoping it doesn't happen.

tomorrow: skip breakfast, and lunch. 100 oz of diet soda is allowed. and non-starchy vegetables.
anything else is bad bad bad.

i'm hoping today was 1500 after the purge :(

in addition, update on therapy:
i did art therapy today with finger painting. i painted my relationship with my dad, my relationship with my Ex (THE Ex), my relationship with "C" (my boyfriend), and my relationship wiht God. and i painted how i felt this week had gone.
and i had painted how i wanted to feel in the future.

it was both beautiful and emotional. i wish i could describe how i felt seeing my soul in blues, greens, and yellow shades that only kindergarteners use most of the time.
i suggest it. i felt very good afterward.

but then i binged and purged tonight. hmmm. lol.

i love you all

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