Monday, May 3, 2010

the parents found my blog, but...

i'm not deleting it. no, no no no no. i can't live without the support you have given me. my parents are extremely sad and upset and scared. and i'm so embarrassed.

i really pulled a fast one on them, didn't i?

we didn't know... you're this sick...
well mommy dearest, i've been like this all the time.
the blog really opened my eyes to how much you're suffering, i'm so sorry you're going through this...

so am i. because i am throwing my life away on it.

they know about the blog though. i've made it more private (authors can read it ONLY) but still.

i've been restricting beautifully the past 4 days. it feels good to be back on my feet.

trying to hold off a b/p right now, i haven't done it in 4 days though and i don't want to break the record!!

i love you all soo much. i will be commenting your posts now.


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