Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Off to the mall today!

I had a 380 breakfast - yuck! - and I am so excited to go shopping. All my clothes are a size too big and I think it looks gross, I can't wait to get some things that fit! (even though i don't like snug clothes - they make me feel like I've gained weight).
Shopping for 5 hours is, ladies, a great way to burn the 380 calories i just ate this morning. I'm so psyched.
My sister's home from college right now and she requested my mom's homemade lasagna. GAG. My best friend is spending the night, though, and we're going to have such a jolly time. Hopefully I won't wake up tomorrow with a stomach the size of Texas. I'll probably get away with only eating half of what is served to me - the other half I'll spit into my napkin, feed to the dog, etc.

Sometimes I wish I could just eat as much homemade lasagna that I want, but who wants to feel fat?

Sasha Roe

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