Saturday, December 26, 2009

Let me introduce myself.

I'm... Let's call me Sasha Roe. I'm not one to put my name on the internet, when i'm blogging about being anorexic. I'm a pro-ana girl who just "recovered". I'm 5'2, and 17 years old, but I'm a whopping 120 pounds due to the awful month of December. For inspiration, I decided to blog my food eaten for the day. I was so much prettier at 108 and I'm anxious to get to 100 pounds.

It was a merry fucking Christmas. I ate way too much. My mother is obsessed with what I eat ever since she found out in August that I've been starving myself. I'm supposed to be better but I'm not, obviously, because i'm ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY POUNDS. I swore never to hit the 120s again! I hate myself right now. I can't wait to lose it all!

I hope someone will join the ride, it's going to be so fun!

Sasha Roe

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