Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 2: The saga continues

Or, not a saga. I don't really feel very epic right now, I have absolutely no energy. it's 8:30 AM and I haven't even cracked open a Diet to get me awake and out of some sluggish dream state.

Yesterday went like this:

2 rolls
1 pear

TOTAL: 250

2 slices of pizza w/ all toppings scraped off - thin crust.

TOTAL: 300

I know I should have had only one, but I knew that if I had 2 "whole slices of pizza" (they think I ate the toppings) I could get away with not eating dinner. So I did this, and I sat far away from my parents so they couldn't see what I was actually eating. My cousins are clueless - they just think I don't like cheese. HA!

1 tbsp fat free dressing


SO that's only 600 calories, then throw in a White Chocolate Lindor truffle. I know I swore never to eat one again, but I've realized if I eat one every night and eliminate something I eat in secret, mom and dad will be a lot happier because if I'm eating Truffles I must be better, right?

So, add 70 calories. 670 calories is really good!

Today I have a piano lesson at 10, I love piano, it is my absolute life. I woke up at 8:00 just for it, if you can believe it. Then, at 4, I'm going to a Godspell Production Board Meeting. I'm going to be the musical director of Godspell and I am SO EXCITED. But the amazing thing is the meeting is from 4 to 6:30, and we're all eating dinner at Johnny Rockets. Guess who won't be eating it? Muahaha. Then I'm seeing "Princess and the Frog" at 6:45, so I won't see my parents until about 9:10, I would say.

So I can eat a 300 cal breakfast this morning, a 200 cal whatever when I get home from piano, then nothing for the rest of the day until I come back home and eat a truffle. 570 calories!!

I love starving.

Sasha Roe

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