Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yesterday didn't go as planned.

FOR 12/26, I ate:

1 pear
1 bowl of oatmeal (instant).

TOTAL: 250

I wasn't planning on eating the oatmeal, and when I was microwaving it I just knew I would regret eating it, and I did. I wasn't even planning on eating breakfast at all, actually.



Bowl of Mexican soup

TOTAL: 335

So, I ate about... 650 calories. I was feeling really good about myself. And then, all of a sudden, I got this AWFUL craving for chocolate. My aunt sent our family over a bag of Lindor Truffles (they're evil, no joke). I finally caved and had one. one is a whopping 73 calories!!

Which put me up to 713. I'll never eat a Truffle again, no matter how decadent. I'd rather be thin than fat and gluttonous.

Today will hopefully be better, but I'm nervous because my family is meeting my other aunt and family over in some shit town 45 minutes south for some pizza. I'm horrified and scared because I don't know if I can eat that stuff. I won't eat it, but then mom and dad will notice, and they'll start to get suspicious. I hope that they have salads or something!

This morning i had two rolls and a pear, about 250 calories. After the salad, i'm thinking 300 calories total. Then, tonight for dinner, I'll have a 400 calorie leeway so I won't get fat but I can eat a little bit - it's hard having already "recovered" because everyone still stares at you when you eat. It gets exhausting.

I can weigh myself tomorrow when my parents leave for work though! I'm so excited! I hope I'm at 118 by then!

Sasha Roe

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