Saturday, July 17, 2010

done with blogging.

hello you lovely girls. i'm sorry to say i am going to be leaving you for some amount of time. how long i don't know, but i decided that i need to reprocess my life, try to focus on what is best for me, and decide where to go from here.

i feel like recovery is the best thing possible at this point and i'm going to give it a shot, 100%. i need to be okay with having a few curves here and there. i need to taste life at its fullest. i need this for myself.
i'm still going to be on my email though. it's if you don't have it already. i'd love to stay in touch with ALL of you so please please drop an email in from time to time telling me how you all are doing!

i'm sorry for being so unexpected about this. my blog won't be deleted- it will only be... well, not updated!

i really do love every single one of you, PLEEEASE email me!



pagesofsweetpeas. said...

good luck!
i hope you all the success in the world on this.
staystrong in whatever your choices are.

A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

hey girl, i totally support you in this!!! although, i do wish you would update.. maybe you can update us on your recovery process?
i'll be emailing you soon!!!!!!